In turn, each comes dancing and making gestures to show it is really big. Spectators try to choose the biggest. This will be welcomed as well as her husband.

It is called “fashionable shops” that is to say President. This custom does not please me. Fortunately, nowadays, it tends to disappear because women today prefer to stay slim. Aoua ADAMOU, 3rd Normal Course class Tillaberi – Niger PARTY FORAINE Vertigo blessed Bouquet lights Stars blue and red and green and yellow Smells sugars that float on the square And that mix with backfiring Tumult colors It’s party to Village sparking fireworks fireworks Chinese shadow continual shifting constellations vivid Vibrations Explosions dotted my dream It’s party time in the village. C.E.G.

Mixed Biganos – Gironde I LOVE THE SILENCE I like to live in silence. I walk on lonely roads. I stop in the church porch. I’m alone, I listen and I think. I think I am in the country with a friend it’s been quiet.

The river is at the edge of the road. She turns before the village. I think I ride a bicycle with my brother. We play on the shady square. I think of my mother who wrote to me.

I do not like being with others! They are turbulent. I prefer silence with singing birds.

Pierre Barbier – 14 School Freinet Vence (A.-M.) We must say no to racism On television or in the movies, we all got to see reports on America. I1 was often question of racial segregation, and we could follow events turn tragic. Blacks were demonstrating peacefully, waving their placards. After about three kilometers walk; the police intervened. As soon as it fled the battle: police and firefighters were throwing tear gas to stop them.

Then they were beating them with iron bars, sticks or throwing in pursuit roaring police dogs. I think it moved. I do not like that one makes the differences between the races. This is not because someone is black or yellow it is not us. During the holidays I was at my aunt’s, or a friend of the evening came: a few moments later, they entered into a conversation that choked me.

In particular, they said, “Blacks are lazy, good for nothing, wild they deserve to be abused, they do not resemble the way of life.” After these scornful words and slanderous, unable to restrain myself, I added: “These are such people with us, you do not have the right to judge the evil.” Then I went mad in my room and never hear such claptrap. I fell asleep and began to think of blacks who lived in the slums, unhappy and saddened.

I would in the future have a corresponding black, invite and proudly walk with her without blushing reproach that would make me some people. I live for myself and not for people. Elizabeth ROS, 5th B C.E.G. girls La Roche-s-Yon (Vendee) Friendship Among my friends, there is one that I particularly like.

Her name is Sophie. She is my confidante, I hide nothing from him because I trust her. A friend who takes a very important place in my school life and the lives of every day. I met her last year in October at the start of school. She seemed quite sympathetic suite with its beautiful soft eyes and a charming smile.

Very soon we became inseparable, a strong link has united us. Sometimes a few quarrels mingle with our friendship, but we can never stay long separated. We reconciled and we quickly forget this little misunderstanding that could have broken our friendship. This is a girl who likes to have fun and laugh; our tastes are alike, which is extraordinary.

Sophie is a good fellow, a good student. If I am embarrassed for any work, she helps me admirably well because she is patient, kind to everyone. I jealously guard and I do not like that one makes fun of her or anyone says evil. We talk about life, youth, the art that we will choose later, its drawbacks and its advantages. We talk about our parents are our very good friends; we never did have better because they lead us to who can do my statistics homework in canada
the right path.

Having a friend is a wonderful thing because we can entrust everything, tell him without embarrassment. And Sophie is a friend I will never forget the day when life will separate us. Friendship is a difficult but essential conquest for a girl.

I am happy to have managed this victory so quickly. Jeanine BONNELUCQ 4th Prat C.E, S. Mauleon (. B. Pyr) More “real -” more human This may seem surprising but I think the youth of twelve and thirteen are much more attached to their future than their elders, and for several reasons. At twelve, a child just began his studies of dreams full head.

Life seems so easy: you just have to take the example of the successful ones … and we already believe in their place! It was also at this time that children are most encouraged by the parents can not judge them because they still have not shown their capabilities; then it seems that they “have everything to succeed.” The concerns are very superficial; one thinks of nothing but success.

Some children may start a sustainable idea of ??this kind of dream because they work, are confident and do not feel alone. But for many others, time passes; the hoped successes make way for failures, the child becomes discouraged … and everything around him: “You’ll never amount to anything …”. And this often occurs to sixteen and seventeen, in this age when one most needs to be understood, guided and loved because it’s time to decide the future.

Many people are surprised that a child of twelve years seems reasonable that a boy of sixteen; but they do not see what drives these two children: one is often enough to himself as he set his hopes on a “sweet dreams” while the other began to experience real life and its obstacles, and discouragement sets in. When asked the question “What do you do?”, He replied “I do not know, I’m waiting …” (often depends on a review of its capabilities, but not always of his choice) . The child therefore needs a guide in life guide on which he can count to whom he can confide and who can feel liberated.

Nicole CEVOST, 3rd C. E. G. St-Benoit-du-Sault (Indre) DEATH I often say the word “death.” This fascinating word is something wonderful. Fear seizes me every time. I question myself constantly.

Why die? What’s happening there? I do not understand. Dying is it a relief? Is it a gift of nature to man? I do not believe. The man can not enjoy life, his work. It works when his strength allow it; then he is obliged to wait. Wait for death to take him; but what should he think? What are his thoughts? I1 is wise, calm. He knows that death will take yet it is peaceful. The old are full of merits … Death is horrible, she squeezed us … Suffers are we up there?

Many people think that nothing is more beautiful than to die and that life is better there. Religion plays a big role in the idea we have of death. And if people care about the death, at least they do not talk. Yet it is a revolting thing, incomprehensible!

I long to know what happens! Sometimes I want to cry. This death that we do not know, you would have to suffer the day. I’m worried, sad, tormented … I want to live, I want to stay young …

Dominique REVERT, 4th C.E.G. St-Benoit-du-Sault (Indre) Sea treacherous This Sunday, June 19; here I am on the beach of Vogue. The wind blows violently, but the air is hot.

I undress and I take my mask. Some small waves come ashore on the sand and pebbles. Few swimmers: fifteen to clarify. It’s half an hour I bathe; Suddenly something changed, and I see huge waves of three meters.

The wind blows harder. But for the moment I do not make me worry, because I’m not far from the beach.